EarthBound Goes Spaghetti Western In Boot Hill Heroes


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If you took classic ‘90s JRPGs such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy III, and EarthBound, and dunked them in a spaghetti western, you’d have Boot Hill Heroes. That’s what the team behind the game reckons, at least.


Boot Hill Heroes kicks off with an attack on Bronco County that its people think was devised by the Chepakwik Indians, leading them to the brink of war.


However, a young farm boy knows that isn’t the case, and so he sets off with his three friends (a gunslinging desperado, an Indian princess, and a calamity jane) to set things straight. This leads the four to travel across gold mines, cowtowns, and ranches to bring down the Saints-Little gang.


As there’s a team of four, up to four local players can drop in and out while you play Boot Hill Heroes. The menu system has been tailored so that each player can set up their character’s equipment and abilities without interfering with anyone else, too.


Otherwise, this is a retro-style RPG with turn-based combat that also uses a Power Points system for attacking and defending.


Boot Hill Heroes has been released for Windows on Steam for $8.99 (discounted at $4.49). You can also grab it on the official website through the Humble Store widget for $7.49.

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