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EastAsiaSoft Asks If People Would Buy Its Vita Games in 2021

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EastAsiaSoft seems to be asking for feedback from PlayStation Vita owners on Twitter. The publisher took to the site to ask about the handheld. More specifically, it seemed to ask for feedback to see if people would be buying EastAsiaSoft Vita games next year. It also shared an image of Brotherhood United, a game not yet available on the system, running on a Vita and told Siliconera it would be “supporting the platform for as long as possible.”

Here’s the tweet in question. It shows Brotherhood United in action. It’s a Metal Slug-like game where you are the newest member of a criminal group, lots of your allies were captured, and it is up to you to run through 20 levels, gun down enemies and eight bosses, and rescue any of your tied-up allies you stumble across along the way. EastAsiaSoft handled the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases of it in October 2020.

Siliconera got in touch with EastAsiaSoft Project Lead Joshua Michael French about the company’s plans regarding the Vita in 2021. He offered the following statement:

While we can’t give exact numbers at the moment, we already have quite a few PS Vita physical releases planned for 2021. The community has always been passionate and supportive, so our team at eastasiasoft remains dedicated to supporting the platform for as long as possible.

There have been quite a few EastAsiaSoft Vita games released in 2020. For example, its recently handled or will be in charge of digital and/or physical Vita versions of games like Chasm, Nicole, Root Double: Before Crime Aftr Days Xtend Edition, Takotan, and A Winter’s Daydream. 

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