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eChannel New Paint Park Drawing Its Way To Vita With Twitter Sharing


Paint Park Gravity Rush

The new and improved Paint Park, will be a social drawing app for the PlayStation Vita. It will have several new features, including Twitter sharing, commenting, draw requests and more.



Compared to the previous Paint Park, eChannel New Paint Park has improved drawing features by adding adjustable brush sizes, more palette colors, improved touch screen functionality and quality.


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In the new Twitter feature, drawings can be posted and shared  with your friends, after a simple account sync. There will be keyword games, such as drawing out trends, and also a request feature, where users can put up requests of what they’d like to see drawn by their friends. It can also simply be used as a Twitter device, no drawings necessary.



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The app is user friendly and will have modes such as connect the dots and more, for those of you that aren’t exactly the greatest touch screen artists.



There’s an adhoc draw and chat feature included. Players will be able to use this feature with previous Paint Park users.


eChannel New Paint Park will be available on December 26th in Japan for 500 yen.

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