Echo Offers Few Reprieves From Its Player-Copying Enemies

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3D action/stealth game Echo features enemies that change and adapt based on how the player behaves, learning gunplay and stealth abilities based on player actions. There are a few moments when players can act freely, though, without fear they are teaching foes how to outfight them.


In Echo, players are exploring a striking palace floating in the void of space. This palace is filled with unshaped life forms that swiftly copy the game’s heroine, En, learning her combat abilities and using them against her. If players sneak around often, the copies will get harder to detect. If the player runs from them, the copies will get faster. If the player shoots them, they will learn to shoot back. This means players will need to consider what they are teaching the copies as they choose how to progress through each area.

There are quiet moments where the player can act freely, though. The copies only learn the player’s actions at set intervals where the palace reboots, causing a blackout. They will take on whatever the player had been doing up until that moment, but during the blackout, no actions will be copied. This lets the player take advantage of some openings to do whichever actions they want without fear of teaching the copies.


While dealing with these apparitions, players will also explore the heroine’s connection with the Palace, as well as delve into why she wishes to revive a certain person, and the events surrounding their death. Over time, this murky narrative will become clear, unveiling the reasons behind her mission.

Echo is available now on Steam.

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