Edge Of Eternity Is Four People’s Attempt To Make Their Own Final Fantasy


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Edge of Eternity is an upcoming RPG that has a world that takes parts from an eclectic mix of influences: JRPGs, futuristic sci-fi, and the medieval age. It’s also being created by just three people and a musician.


The game takes place in the world of Heryon, which has been invaded by an alien civilization that is enslaving anyone that gets in their way, and spreading a virus that, oddly enough, is turning people into animals and metal monsters.


You’ll be playing as Daryon, who is forced into a a vagabond life after his people were turned into monsters. He sets out to save the world, if at all possible, and to “discover his real origins”. Perhaps there’s something special about him, then?


Edge of Eternity is, quite clearly, an attempt to make a Final Fantasy-style game. It should have a huge world to wander around, strange animals to ride, turn-based combat with alien creatures, and an apparently “epic” story.


Obviously, what you can see so far of Edge of Eternity does look a bit rough in places, but to be fair, it’s all labelled as pre-alpha at the moment. Plus, of course, it’s not going to match the quality and breadth of a Final Fantasy game considering it’s the work of four people.


The team is hoping to have a pre-alpha demo of Edge of Eternity ready for release this month (October). There have previously been delays, though, so it’s best not to band on that happening. If you want to find more information about Edge of Eternity check out its website. You can also vote for it to come to Steam via Greenlight.

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