As Editor Of A Horror Newspaper, Keep Readers Entertained & Reporters Alive

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As editor in Daily Cthonicle, you need stories of horrors, monsters, and anything that bumps in the night. That means assigning your reporters to follow leads, sending them equipment when they’re in a rough spot, and putting it all together for the print run.




In Daily Cthonicle, players must send their six reporters out after leads all over the city, deciding when to keep following them and when to call them home. Should one of them find something, they’ll report back, asking the player how they should move on. Danger from alien artifacts, cults, monstrous beasts, and all-too-human killers may be present, so players will need to take care.




Players can decide whether to flee, keep investigating, or engage the things they find, as well as use funds from their work to outfit the reporters with equipment to fight with. The paper needs its stories, though, which can mean taking risks with your reporter’s lives to get a decent picture for the front page.




A free beta of the game is available for download on IndieDB.

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