Edo Superstar Draws Inspiration From Ukiyo-e Japanese Woodblock Art



Edo Superstar’s visual style draws inspiration from Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock art, giving the mobile sidescrolling action game a unique look.




Edo Superstar takes the player on a journey as Masaru, a monkey martial artist who aims to be the greatest warrior during Japan’s Edo period. The player will follow him through the Zodiac Tournament, fighting various animal masters to help him achieve the title he desires.


Players can swipe and tap to use various attacks, building combos, dodging, and counter-attacking with a flick of their finger. As players beat opponents, they’ll steadily gain fame across Japan, and this fame translates to increased stats and strength. Fallen warriors will also drop money that can be used to buy stat-altering equipment, making Masaru even stronger.


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Edo Superstar’s artwork was created by Jed Henry, who is known for his series Ukiyo-e Heroes, which reimagines famous video game characters in the Ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock print art style.


Edo Superstar is available now on iOS. An Android version is still in development.

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