Elder Scrolls? Guild Wars? Aion? Nothing Compares To Black Desert’s Character Creator



Black Desert is an upcoming Korean massively multiplayer online game hoping to be filled with player-versus-player action such as castle sieges. Developers Pearl Abyss are also trying to win the award for most insanely detailed character customizer ever.



While it’s been in development in Korea, the game is coming out in English (and Russian) as well. As beautiful as the game—running on a proprietary engine—is already, the nuts and bolts will make any fan of Lineage-style combat happy. Players and guilds will be able to buy housing and then invade each other with full-scale siege warfare.


One of its more intriguing aspects is the Intimacy system. Instead of simply waltzing into town and having everyone fall over themselves to give you quests, you’ll actually have to talk to, and build up, a rapport with people. These will unlock further options in a kind of semi-gated daisy chain.


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Black Desert’s next closed beta is expected to start from April 22nd and will last for three weeks on PC.