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Elminage Original Coming To 3DS In North America


wFz2Q7YczMNaFB2o7--_qYhxHb2UMb6y While no official announcement has come from Rising Star Games, the official Nintendo website has revealed Elminage Original will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS in North America. A Wizardry and Etrian Odyssey-style RPG, it tasks players with creating a party of original characters and participating in turn-based battles as they go through a first-person dungeon-crawling experience. A release date has not been announced.


In Elminage Original, players are tasked with finding and recovering five rings. These artifacts were stolen by sorceresses who wanted to release the Demon King. You need to make a group of characters, choosing from 16 different classes and nine races, to get them back and save the day. When you begin a new game, these rings are randomly placed in dungeons, so each adventure will be different.


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Elminage Original was released on the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on December 14, 2016. It is also available on the PlayStation Portable.

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