Elsword’s Most Popular Characters Get Revamped


KOG Games has announced that the the two most popular characters in Elsword history will be next to get a Season 2 overhaul. They are mystical shaman warrior Ara and giant-sword red-haired knight Elesis.


This Season 2 update will see both characters get aesthetic as well as functional makeovers, and changes to their expansive skill trees, casting, and PvP.


As with previous characters getting their Season 2 update, Ara and Elesis will also get English voiceovers that KOG Games teases are being handled by the “biggest names in anime and gaming.” Unfortunately, exactly who these voices belong to won’t be revealed until February 17th.


KOG Games also notes that it went out of its way to find the right musicians for the Ara and Elesis update video (watch it above) as it wanted music that personified them. In the end, Chinese metal group Tengger Cavalry was chosen due to the band using powerful instruments from Mongolia.


Specifically, Tengger Cavalry blends throat singing, Mongolian horse-head fiddle, and other nomadic music traditions of Central Asia with heavy metal. “Tengger Cavalry brings the fiery passion of a most epic oriental sound with the heaviest of metal, and that’s just what these two ladies are all about,” KOG Games said.

Chris Priestman