Emotions Are Your Weapons In This Cel-Shaded MMORPG



It isn’t just Japan that specializes in great-looking anime-style graphics. Korea has some, too, such as the cel-shaded third-person action title Soul Worker. Korean developer Lion Games have been working on the title for a good while now, and released a new trailer of their revamped game along with an expected release date for their open beta later this year.


I say revamped because doing a little research, we last looked at the title back in 2011. Some changes have gone in as can be seen from the above gameplay trailer—most notably the camera sticking to an over-the-shoulder perspective. Three characters are also unveiled, and if the general gist of the story is still the same, each weapon is powered by a specific kind of emotion.


First off, we get to see the claymore-ish Revenge-linked wielder of the Soulum Sword that looks like any other standard slashy-slashy sword.


There’s also a man wielding the Pleasure-linked dual-pistol/rifle/machine gun called the Gun Jazz.


Finally, there’s Madness-tinged Mist Scythe and her twin-tails.


There’s a lot of pretty fast action going on, and what appear to be skills set into hotbars on the bottom of the screen as well.


According to Lion Game’s main site the open beta on PC for Soul Worker is expected in the second quarter of 2014.