The Emperor Of Gunma Arrives In Initial D: Perfect Shift Online

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Every prefecture has its kings of street racing in Initial D, and Sega’s latest update introduces us to Kyoichi Sudo and his partner Seiji Iwaki from the Emperor team. They’ll be making an appearance with their characters and cars in the Nintendo 3DS free-to-play title Initial D: Perfect Shift Online.

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In the game, players can only directly control when to shift gears up and down, but the characters you choose as well as cars you race with will help seal the deal.




Kyoichi is the head of the Emperor team in Gunma, and it’s notable that their team is made up only of Lancer Evolution cars. Much like one of his rivals, Ryosuke, he’s thorough and rational in his driving but loves the wind in his hair. His Lancer has a stock exterior but he’s revved up the engines to 360 horsepower, and he’s a beast on his home turf. He’s also one of the few to tie with and beat series star Takumi. He drives a Lancer GSR Evolution III CE9A.




Seiji is Kyoichi’s right hand man and he’s good at what he does. Unlike Kyoichi, however, he’s not always very wise in his racing choices, but he still wins in the end most of the time. He’s good enough that, instead of Kyoichi, Seiji is the one who went around and did in most of the Gunma prefecture teams apparently, taking their car decals and then sticking half of it upside down on his car to mark a victory.


Seiji will drive a Lancer RS Evolution IV CN9A in Initial D: Perfect Shift Online when it releases for Nintendo 3DS this Spring.

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