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Enchanter and Mage Cannoneer Fire Emblem Engage Classes in the New DLC

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After completing the Fell Xenologue DLC in Fire Emblem Engage, you will be able to unlock the Enchanter and Mage Cannoneer classes. They seem to be more support-oriented classes and were previously enemy exclusive. In order to change a character’s class to either Enchanter or Mage Cannoneer, you will need to use specific items on your unit.

The Enchanter class will let you use items and weapons to power your or an ally’s weapon. Every item or weapon will have a different effect. Some will heal you and your allies, while others will negate chain attacks. Enchanter will also be able to access the Convoy even without standing next to Alear.

The Mage Cannoneer class in Fire Emblem Engage will essentially turn your unit into a ballista. You will be able to launch attacks from a distance using bullets with a variety of effects. Because a longer distance in the game will negatively impact your Hit Rate, you might have to be a bit more careful when choosing which characters to reclass into a Mage Cannoneer.

Fell Xenologue will be part of the fourth and final wave of DLC in the Expansion Pass of Fire Emblem Engage. It will have playable versions of Lady Nel, Nil, and the Four Hounds. This is because they are parallel versions of the characters we are familiar with. Nintendo has previously stated that you will not have access to the units you raised throughout the game for these DLC maps.

Fire Emblem Engage is readily available on the Nintendo Switch. The Fell Xenologue, as well as the Mage Cannoneer and Enchanter classes, will appear in Fire Emblem Engage from April 5, 2023.

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