The Endless Journey Takes Players To An Enchanted World Of Steam & Magic

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The Endless Journey follows Valjean, a magician on a journey of atonement with his mechanical puppet, Cosette, with players helping the two solve adventure game puzzles as they wander the game’s hand-painted world.


Players will meet many characters and animals in need throughout their travels in this steam and magic-infused vision of the nineteenth century. Helping four animals who had intended to be musicians in a town called Bremen is only a hint of the odd folks they’ll be helping out on their trip, with many more magical troubles to be dealt with along the way.

Solving problems is not just a matter of finding the right items in The Endless Journey. Many of the game’s puzzles have two solutions, offering players a few different ways of dealing with the problems they come across. Should they be sick of puzzles altogether, they can also pursue some more intimate encounters with some of the characters they meet as well.


The Endless Journey is available now on Steam.

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