Endure Brutal Roguelike Action To Cheer Up A Landbound Whale In Gonner



Gonner is a roguelike about an odd creature that’s looking to cheer up a landbound whale named Sally. To make her happy, you’ll need to head deep into procedurally-generated dungeons, using the guns and tools you find to stay intact long enough to bring back a trinket to make Sally smile. 




Gonner’s protagonist, Ikk, is rather resilient, able to lose his head without losing his stride. Taking a hit from an enemy will cost Ikk his head and weapon, but should the player be able to pick them up with the remaining torso before getting struck again, they can keep going. Should their body get hit in this state, though, you’ll be sent back to Death’s lair.


Having Death as a buddy makes dying a little easier to take, as you’ll just get equipped with a new head and given a choice of weapons to take back out into combat again, facing a new set of procedurally-generated stages.




The developer promises the game will be “tough as hell” despite the lighthearted art style and friendly-looking enemies.


Gonner is available now through several different online storefronts on the developer’s site.

Alistair Wong
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