Enemies In Horror Game The Flock Behave Like Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels



Vogelsap is now taking closed alpha sign-ups for its asymmetrical multiplayer game The Flock. You can submit your details here, and find out more information about the process in this blog post.


The gist of it is that, if accepted into the closed alpha, you’ll get the opportunity to play game with other online players during weekends.


Each match is played by three to five players, with each of you starting out as one of the monstrous Flock, able to run fast and leap high. You’ll all begin by hunting down the location of the Light Artifact, and when the first person to finds it picks it up, that’s when the more tense and interesting play happens.


The person holding the Light Artifact accumulates score over time, but also transforms into a smaller and slower-moving creature called the Carrier. The rest of the Flock attempt to hunt them down while the Carrier holds on to the Light Artifact for as long as possible in order to win the match.


To defend themselves, the Carrier can burn the Flock by shining the beam light on them, but it only works when they’re moving. If the Flock stand still they turn into stone statues and cannot be harmed by the light. In this way, they behave very much like the frightening Weeping Angels of the Doctor Who series.


The Flock’s closed alpha is only available to players on Windows PCs, but when finished the full game will be available to Mac and Linux players as well. You can find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman