Engage In Tense Debates To Choose A Ruler In Visual Novel Serafina’s Crown



Odell Perin, newly-elected Regent of Darzia, must solve the queen’s murder, help debate her successor, and find time for love in visual novel Serafina’s Crown, which has just released on Steam.




Four parties are vying for control of the kingdom in Serafina’s Crown, and the player’s decisions and arguments will eventually choose who gets to rule. Odell can make decisions that affect each kingdom differently, gaining stats with that kingdom that can be used in the game’s debate system. Should her stats be high enough and she wins the debate, she can gain new information about the previous queen’s death.




When not engaging in decisions and debates that control the kingdom’s future, Odell can romance many of the male and female characters in the game.




Serafina’s Crown is the sequel to Serafina’s Saga, which is available for free on PC and Android from the developer’s site.

Alistair Wong
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