English Version Of Friend-Making Adventure 1bitHeart Now Available In Full



VGPerson has now finished translating the entirety of △○□× (Miwashiba)’s friend-making adventure 1bitHeart into English. You can download the full game from VGPerson’s website.


The latest update adds the English version of Chapter 4 of 1bitHeart as well as a bonus post-game chapter which becomes available after befriending everyone. If you were playing the game using an older version before you can continue playing it with this new update by coping the “Save” folder from the old version to the new one.


The English description of 1bitHeart reads as follows: “Nanashi is a young, reclusive boy in a high-tech world governed by programs. One day, a girl suddenly appears in his room, and proposes that Nanashi go out and make friends. He decides to give it a try, but just as he does, odd things start to happen around town…”

Chris Priestman