English Version Of Visual Novel The Fruit Of Grisaia Heads To Steam On May 29th



Sekai Project will be publishing Front Wing’s visual novel The Fruit of Grisaia in English for Steam on May 29th. The date was revealed by the game’s Steam page going up.


The Fruit of Grisaia is the first of a visual novel trilogy that has since got its own manga and anime in Japan. It was originally released on PC in Japan back in 2011 but was also ported to PlayStation Vita in 2013.



You play as Yūji Kazami as he looks for a normal school life at the isolated Mihama Academy. As it turns out, there are only five female students who attend the academy in addition to Yūji. There are five plotlines tied to each of the other students, all of whom have their own reasons for being there, and it’s these that you’ll discover. The conversation does have romantic options.


The costs of translating all three games of The Grisaia Trilogy were raised on Kickstarter by Sekai Project last year. This included licensing royalties, paying for voice actors, as well as other production costs. The other two games, The Labyrinth of Grisaia and The Eden of Grisaia, should also be coming to Steam with English localization in the future.


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