Enigma Archives: Rain Code Teaser Trailer Shows off Gameplay

Enigma Archives: Rain Code Teaser Trailer

Spike Chunsoft has uploaded a new teaser trailer for Enigma Archives: Rain Code. The trailer shows off some gameplay segments in Enigma Archives: Rain Code, as well as footage of the game’s neon-drenched streets. The new teaser trailer is available to watch on the official Spike Chunsoft YouTube channel.

The trailer shows a long-haired girl leading what looks to be the game’s protagonist to the “Mystery Labyrinth.” What follows is a series of short clips, including one where the heroine seems to threaten the protagonist with a scythe. Some sections of the game will also feature different areas such as a series of floating islands.

Though the trailer gives fans a glimpse at the game’s world and gameplay, Spike Chunsoft has not revealed much information about Enigma Archives. The game’s recent official announcement states that the creative team behind the Danganronpa series is developing the title. The official website bills the game as a dark fantasy mystery. Additionally, the Japanese title describes some sort of detective-style narrative.

You can check out the official Enigma Archives: Rain Code teaser trailer below:

Engima Archives: Rain Code is in development. More information about the game, including price, release date, and available platforms, will be announced via the game’s official website at a later date.

Andrew Kiya
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