Enjoy Your Own Gothic Castle In Vampiric 3D Acton RPG Devoid Of Shadows



Devoid of Shadows gives the player their own castle to rest inside whenever they need a break from fighting in a randomly-generated labyrinth.




Players act as either a vampire or vampiress, delving deep into a labyrinth filled with monsters, guards, and hidden gear. As they kill enemies and gain experience, they’ll unlock several vampiric powers that will help them cut down even more creatures as they seek a missing powerful vampire. These powers will be easy to use as well, executed with the click of a mouse button in the game’s Diablo-like combat.


Should players need a break, they can use a magical portrait to return to their own castle. There, they can shop, craft items, study in the library, or take a rest in their coffin. All items in the game can be improved in various way through one of the places in the castle, so it will help the player to take some time to work on their items there.




Devoid of Shadows has no set release date, but is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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