Enjoying The Legend of Zelda In Fallout 4

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If you think about it, Fallout 4’s Sole Survivor is a lot like Link. Both are characters heading out alone, into the wilderness, on various epic quests. They face great challenges, make friends, use an array of tools, and perhaps even save the day. Thanks to Fallout 4 mods, you can even make the game look a little more like The Legend of Zelda.

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master sword


What’s Link without his sword? Nothing, that’s what. That’s why someone needs ClockWyrck’s The Legend of Zelda Master Sword – Chinese Officer Sword mod. It alters the texture for the Chinese Officer Sword and General Chaos Revenge sword to make them look like the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Now, we know Fallout 4 is not part of the official The Legend of Zelda timeline, so maybe it’s just that the Sole Survivor is a big fan of the series. A The Legend of Zelda Pip-Boy would support that theory. Maartman’s mod changes the appearance of your most valuable tool so it’s green, has Link on it, a Triforce logo, and of course “Zelda” emblazoned across the top.


majoras mask moon


But then, maybe there is some uncanny crossover going on. Perhaps the end of the world is imminent, not because of the Super Mutant or Synth menace, but because the moon is about to crash down on us? North Vedicae’s Misc Moons offers multiple moons for a player to choose from, with the one from Majora’s Mask being the most appealing of all. The Commonwealth is scary enough, but imagine looking up during a radiation storm to see that face closing in on you? 


Installing these mods is easiest if you use the Nexus Mod Manager or Zoryn’s Yet Another Fallout 4 Mod Manager. However, each one also has instructions with it, in the event you don’t want to use a Fallout 4 mod manager to get everything in place.

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