Junya Ikeda Fired
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Ensemble Stars Actor Junya Ikeda Fired Upon Arrest for Fraud

On October 30, 2023, 31-year-old Japanese voice actor Junya Ikeda was reportedly arrested for special fraud. BaRU, the agency which he was signed to, confirmed the termination of his contract through an official statement on its website.

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Junya Ikeda provided the voice of Mitsuru Tenma in the franchise Ensemble Stars. Happy Elements, the company that provides service for the mobile game, also released an announcement on its website regarding taking time to prepare future plans upon Ikeda’s arrest.

Ikeda had an anime role lined up for the Fall 2023 season. He was selected to provide the voice of Oz Gorgeous in The Kingdoms of Ruin. Now, it has been decided that he will be replaced and a different voice actor will be cast for the role. This was announced through an official statement posted on the The Kingdoms of Ruin social media account.

See the statement from The Kingdoms of Ruin social media account below:

You may have also heard Ikeda’s voice from his roles as Jo Kido from Digimon Adventure, as well as Millions Knives from Trigun Stampede.

Junya Ikeda has been arrested for special fraud as of October 30, 2023, and his contract with BaRU has been terminated.

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