Epic Viking Tactical RPG The Banner Saga Is Now On Android



The ex-Bioware team at Stoic Studio has released their acclaimed tactical RPG The Banner Saga on Android.


The focus of the game is on escorting your caravan across a harsh world inspired by Vikings and Norse mythology. You have to manage resources as you travel, and so if they dwindle you will lose people, or if you fall behind you’ll have to battle the encroaching stone giants known as Dredge.


The Banner Saga also has choice-driven conversations and turn-based combat played out on grids. Every decision you make in the game will have noticeable consequences in the world and the lives of those who follow you.


It was released on PC earlier this year, and on iOS devices about two months ago, while the PS4 version is due in early 2015.


You can purchase The Banner Saga for $9.99 on Google Play or for $11.99 on the Amazon App Store. More information about the game is on its website.

Chris Priestman