Episicava Is A Visual Novel Of Revenge For A Slaughtered People


    Arin is an Emulator – a race of beings that have inherited incredible power after humanity made contact with a force known as the Alpha Nebula – but he is one of the last of his kind. All of the others were murdered in a surprising attack by the seemingly-powerless Northmanni, and his only friend kidnapped, leaving the boy with a burning desire for revenge in visual novel Episicava.


    Arin won’t be alone in his struggles, being joined by a few friends. Aria, his childhood best friend, has suffered at the hands of the Northmanni after being kidnapped and experimented on for years, but she still joins him. Alacria comes from a rich family, but after witnessing Arin’s resolve, she will join him as well. Aniam also chooses to follow him, bringing her incredible strength and training to help him achieve his goals.

    Players will work their way through a web of various characters and connections, seeking the reasons why the Northmanni attacked his race, as well as who made it possible to wipe Arin’s people out. Players will also be able to guide Arin’s relationships with his travelling companions, perhaps growing closer to them over time. However, Arin’s desire for revenge has pushed his morality to the extreme, with his desires bordering on evil, which may stunt his relationships.


    A demo is available for Episicava on, and should players enjoy it, they can also choose to donate to the game’s Kickstarter. It is expected to release this Fall.

    Alistair Wong
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