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Erik and Mia Scrap for Riches in a New Dragon Quest Treasures Trailer

Dragon Quest Treasures

Square Enix shed some more light on Dragon Quest Treasures with a new trailer from the 2022 Tokyo Game Show lineup. The new trailer lays out the basics of this “Treasure Life RPG” story, with new footage of gameplay as well.

Check it out below.

Dragon Quest Treasures stars two siblings, Mia and Erik, who live on a Viking longship and long for some real adventure. A chance meeting with a pair of unusual creatures named Porcus and Purrsula leaves them stranded in a mysterious new world: Draconia. This legendary world is brimming with treasures, danger, and the adventure that the siblings desired with all their hearts.

Dragon Quest Treasures is an RPG but is oriented around exploration, treasure-hunting, and befriending many monsters from across the Dragon Quest canon. Erik and Mia and recruit, tame, and ally with various monsters to surmount the challenges of Draconia in search of exotic riches. The trailer shows the siblings employing their monster pals in inventive ways, like gliding, riding, and even using a slime to jump up the side of a sheer cliff. Monsters won’t always be easy to recruit to the crew, though. Sometimes they’ll want items or favors. Some special monsters will have unique requirements and abilities and prove more of a challenge to add to the lineup.

The game releases globally on the Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2022.

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