Erinye – A Zelda-Like Adventure Of Witches, Dungeons, & Monster Girls

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Erin is seeking a witch’s treasure, and has followed her trail to Azuliris, a town overtaken by the ShyGirls. These Red Riding Hood-like creatures are just the start of her monster girl troubles in the Zelda-like Erinye.


Players will scour dungeons, fields, castles, and towns as they seek out the secretive witch, dealing with various enemies along the way. Erin prefers not to kill, often using her weapons in non-lethal ways that clobber her foes unconscious, though, whether she is using her sword, whip, bow, or any of the other variety of weapons available to the heroine.

As she fights her way closer to the witch, she’ll meet an array of monstrous girls, some who will help her while others mean her harm. Players will have to deal with each in turn as they come to Azuliris, dealing with their complex fight patterns or personal problems through bits of dialogue between them.


A demo for Erinye is currently available on Steam.

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