Nintendo 3DS

You Wake Up Alone In A Closed Restaurant. Time To Escape.



Puzzle gamers, get ready for the latest installment of the escape room genre with Simple DL Series Vol. 16: Escape Trick – The Happy Monkey Family Restaurant. In the 16th installment of the Simple DL Escape Trick series, players awaken after having fallen asleep on a night out with friends to family restaurant The Happy Monkey to discover the place locked up tight. Time to get out and get home.


A new THINK button will now help give hints to players by having the protagonist offer inner monologues on the situation, alongside the ability to use the touch screen to scrawl personal memo notes and hints.


Meanwhile, an action button will also light up on interactive objects for those who hate button mashing pixels while hunting for clues. Finally, a camera system lets players take quick snapshots of places or hints for later referral, while the Nintendo 3DS’s microphone function might also come in handy with some puzzles.


Two modes of difficulty will also be offered for beginners and veterans alike. @Simple DL Escape Trick: The Happy Monkey Family Restaurant is available on the Japanese Nintendo e-Shop for 3DS.



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