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ESP Ra.De. Ψ Gets New Trailer and Alice Master Secret Boss


One of the many, many reveals yesterday at M2’s event was for ESP Ra.De. Ψ, where it was revealed that Alice Master will be a hidden secret boss in all modes except for the original arcade mode. [Thanks, Famitsu and Game Watch!]

Alice is not meant to be a hard boss, and only has three health bars. She’ll appear after the final boss, and acts as something of a bonus stage in every mode except for the original arcade mode. There are no requirements that you need to fulfill in order to fight against her.

According to her new backstory in this game, Alice Master (Alice Ono) was brought into Yaksa at the young age of 7 years old. Yaksa wanted to use her ESP abilities for their nefarious tasks, but due to her sickly nature, they weren’t able to do so. Instead, Yaksa successfully cloned her, with her clones growing at twice the normal speed. However, for some reason, only the clones with deformed eyes awoke.

Ms. Gaara loves Alice like a daughter, and Alice loves Ms. Gaara like her mother. However, around when she was 13, Alice realized she didn’t reach her mother’s true expectations of her, and tried to kill herself, blaming herself for being worse than her clones. When she was about to die, her true ESP abilities awakened. She was reported to the public to have died, but has been kept under wraps at Yaksa as one of their most important secrets.

After defeating her as a bonus boss, she’ll become a fourth playable character. Alice is meant to be a character who can rack up bonuses (up to the 16x limit) easily, so that even newcomers can try and rack up score easier.

Here’s the latest trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of ESP Ra.De. Ψ from earlier this week:

Finally, a 1/8 scale figure of one of the main three playable characters, Irori, was revealed at the event. The sculpting will be done by Poly-Toys.

M2 Shot Triggers ESP Ra.De. Ψ is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on December 19, 2019. Check out new bonus mode ‘Irori’s Room’ in our previous report here.

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