Zombies are invading a city (again!), but this time you aren’t going to stop them with guns or spiked bats. Zombii Attack from Gamers Digital gives players a giant slingshot that shoots anvils and bowling balls at cartoony zombies in this Wii game.


Here’s what the ESRB leaked had to say about Zombii Attack.


This is an action game in which players help defend a city against zombies. From a third-person perspective, players use a giant slingshot to fire objects (e.g., rocks, anvils, bowling balls) at waves of "cartoony" zombies; enemies collapse to the ground and quickly disappear when defeated. In some sequences, players can fling the zombies into nearby buildings; one mini-game rewards players for driving over zombies, causing them to disappear behind the car.


Gamers First released DSiWare and WiiWare games, so Zombii Attack is likely a downloadable title. No screenshots have been released. Instead we have a picture of another Gamers First game Vampire Brides: Love over Death.


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