PlayStation 3

Eternal Sonata PS3 Confirmed


The latest issue of Famitsu magazine confirms a "slip up" that set the Internets semi-ablaze this week; Eternal Sonata, an Xbox 360 title, will now be headed to the Playstation 3 in Spring of 2008. The differences between the PS3 version and Xbox 360 version are not only the ability to change your character's clothes within the game, but Crescendo and Serenade, two previous NPCs in the game, will now be playable and able to join your party.


Of course now you might be asking yourself which version you should buy and which version is superior to the other. While none of that is even necessary to ask, you should take comfort in knowing singular owners of either console can now enjoy tri-Crescendo's latest RPG. Perhaps now they can start working on something Baten Kaitos related for the Wii or DS?