Etrian Mystery Dungeon Introduces A New Set Of Skills

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Etrian Mystery Dungeon is a collaboration between two popular RPG series in Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon. In a preview for this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, we get to see a few new screenshots along with some extra details on new skills.


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The town of Aslaga is the base of adventures in Etrian Mystery Dungeon. It’s where you’ll rest up and plan ahead for your next trip to the dungeon.This is also where you meet the likes of Professor Sara and can check out Sara’s Labyrinth Lab.


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There are plenty of other folks from town who’ll be there to help you like Magan, who hands out missions, along with places to eat or store your money and items. You can get a closer look of the Aslaga town in our earlier report.



Etrian Mystery Dungeon features regular skills that all characters can use, but they’ll also have access to a special ability called the “Blast Skill”. While not much is known about Blast Skills for now, they’re said to be highly useful, with skills like “Command All” and more.


The game also adds new D.O.E monsters that are kind of like the F.O.E in Etrian Odyssey, except they’re out to destroy the town of Aslaga, and it’ll be up to you to stop them using “fortresses” and various parties of your group.


Etrian Mystery Dungeon will release in North America on April 7, 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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