Etrian Mystery Dungeon Introduces The Landsknecht, Protector, Runemaster, And Medic

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Etrian Mystery Dungeon is an upcoming collaboration between Atlus’ Etrian Odyssey dungeon crawler series and Spike Chunsoft’s roguelike Mystery Dungeon games. Here’s a look at four classic classes, and how they’ll play in the upcoming game.





Similar to Landsknecht classes from past Etrian Odyssey games, they’re back as powerhouses with the ability to deal damage while rushing in. They’re not as sturdy as tanks, but can make up for it with their ability to wipe out multiple foes at a time.





Protectors are the Paladins of the Etrian Odyssey world. Contrary to the Landsknecht, they focus more on the tanking role with defensive abilities, and knockback skills like Shield Bash that can be used to push away enemies.





Runemasters are quite useful in various situations, as they can use powerful magic to take out enemies from a distance or inflict some status ailments as well. However, they don’t have much defense, so they’ll need to stay behind melees for the most part.





Medics aren’t the best at fighting, but you’ll always want one around, as they’re the main healers of all the classes. They can heal up all the party members in the area, in addition to being able to remove status conditions. They can also perform some status effect attacks of their own as well.


Etrian Mystery Dungeon will release in North America sometime in Spring 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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