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Etrian Mystery Dungeon Introduces New Giant “D.O.E” Monsters



We recently got a close look at four classes from Etrian Mystery Dungeon, and we get to see more in a preview from this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, which shares more with the Furai class that looks a lot like it’s right out of Shiren the Wanderer, and a glimpse at the a new “D.O.E” monster.




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First, here’s a look at the new class called the “Furai,” which is a perfect addition to the game, as it looks to be a little homage towards Shiren The Wanderer from the Mystery Dungeon series.


While we don’t know what kind of class they are, it looks like they’ll make for some fine damage-dealing.


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Next, they show us a look at some of the NPCs. This guy is from the Adventurer’s Guild, and will help you make characters and put together parties to take on dungeons.


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The second one is who you’ll go to receive missions and report to after you’ve finished, so you’ll probably get used to seeing this fellow quite often.



Finally, here’s a look at the new D.O.E monster—and no, that’s not a typo of F.O.E. While we’re not exactly sure what’s the difference so far, they say that they’re special enemies, and they look like they’ll be quite tough to take on.


Etrian Mystery Dungeon will release in North America in Spring 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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