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Etrian Odyssey IV’s Killer Class Of Assassins And HP Restoring Dancers


On top of valiant Swordsmen and damage absorbing Fortress classes, Etrian Odyssey IV has rune users and archers. Lets take a look at four more classes Atlus introduced in Japan.


Snipers are master archers that can target an enemy’s vital points or hit a line of enemies with Flank Shot.

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Rune Masters use runes as catalysts for elemental attacks. They can create lightning storms and freeze enemies with ice.

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Night Seekers are shadowy fighters that carry two blades. Skills like Assassination gives them a chance for an instant kill and Lead Cloak renders them invulnerable to physical attacks.

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Dancers can recover the party’s HP each round with Regen Waltz and attack enemies with Sword Dance.

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Enemies in Etrian Odyssey IV line up in rows with lines in front guarding enemies in the back. You can break through formations with some special skills like Full Metal Arrow which goes through the front row and hits enemies in the back.


etoiv13New skills are obtained through skill trees. All characters can also learn Burst Skills from books found in the game. Each character can equip one Burst Skills, which utilizes energy from a meter shared by the entire party. (See the number 4 and 5 in the screenshots below.) Full Force Fleeing, one of the Burst Skills, gives you a high chance of escaping a battle. Double Slash lets you hit an enemy twice and Command Assault gives your entire party an attack boost for the current turn.


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Players can create up to 30 adventurers at the guild and arm their characters with items from the weapons store. Etrian Odyssey IV will add new weapons, armor, and items, but some gear requires players to bring back items from the game’s labyrinths.


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