Etrian Odyssey V Details Its 10 Classes, 4 Races, And Other New Features

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Atlus shared new info on their upcoming Nintendo 3DS dungeon crawler, Etrian Odyssey V, with new screenshots and details on the game’s races, classes, and other  features.


Story Details:

Dominated by sword and magic is “Arcadia.” There exists a giant tree from long ago called Yggdrasil, and they say that it is thanks to this tree that there is peace in the world. There’s also one legend about this world tree—by getting to its unreached summit, you can have any dream come true.


“The power to dominate the world,” “the ultimate power,” “the world’s mystery,” and “valuable treasures.” All four races of this land have their own different legends, but none of them have been able to see it for themselves.


There’s a city near the base of the Yggdrasil called “Aeolis,” which received a certain official order one day. Following the legend, brave adventurers who wish to challenge the world tree visited Aeolis. In accordance to this order, you’ll be one of the adventurers to visit Aeolis.


For wealth and honor, or perhaps to fulfill an adventurous spirit, you’ll take on the labyrinths and aim to reach the top of the world tree.


In Etrian Odyssey V you’ll form parties made using a mix of the game’s ten different classes and four races. Classes vary for each race, but you’ll be able to make parties based on balance or simply on your preferred illustrations.


Here’s a look at the four races:



018 Arcadia’s most prosperous race. They have four classes.




The Lunaria race is characterized by their tall and thin figure, and their devotion to magic research. They have access two classes that excel in magic.




They say that the blood of  beast run in the veins of the warrior race known as Therian. They have access to two classes that revolve around power and agility.



020The Bronie are a small and nature-loving race. They have access to two classes that revolve around the power of nature and pharmaceutics.


022“Character Skills” are related to classes, but there’s another new one called “Race Skill” that revolves around the character’s races. By using both set of skills, you’ll be able to enjoy customizing your characters with more depth.


Here’s a look at the ten classes:


013 017

The sharp sword-wielding Fencer and the Dragoon that prides itself in its tough dragon-like defense.


009 015

The Cestus with fists forged for battle and the Reaper that brings death with its sickle.


010 016

Necromancers are summoners that control departed souls, along with the Warlock that fights using attribute attacks.



014 011

The Masurao fights using four blades while the Hound are hunters that fight with their hawk and hound.


012 008

Herbalists are healing specialists that use medicinal herbs, and the Shaman help allies with mysterious powers.




As an adventurer, your goal will be to reach the unreached summit. Inside the World Tree, you’ll find all kinds of different labyrinths, which also change its shape during the day and night. The monsters will also change depending on the time of day, so you’ll want to keep that in mind before going out to explore.

Similar to past Etrian Odyssey games, you’ll make your own party and take on the labyrinth. While exploring, you can use the stylus to draw maps that you’ll need as you work your way forward.


026 027


028 044

First, you’ll need to make your own characters by choosing their class, name, and appearance to make a party of up to five. In addition to the ten classes and four appearances, you can pick hair color, eye color, skin tone, and voice.


031 032 033

029 030

Hair, skin, and eyes have 12 basic colors, with the possibility to use RGB to further customize hair and eyes. You can choose from up to 40 voices, or you can also choose to make the character mute.


034 035


As you go further into the labyrinths, you’ll find various gimmicks throughout the areas. You can customize your maps using the icons shown above.


037 There’s also the auto-mapping option for those of you that prefer to have the game draw out the maps for you.


038 039


While out exploring, you’ll find all kinds of different materials. In addition to spots for gathering and mining, there will be new fishing spots, too. There will also be various mini-events throughout the dungeons with their own titles, and places to start camp fires for cooking.




In Etrian Odyssey V you’ll go up against all kinds of new monsters that have yet to be seen.



And let’s not forget the fearsome F.O.E (Field On Enemy) that will appear throughout your adventure. While you can always take on the challenge, you can also get around them by learning their movements and habits.



First-print copies will include a special “Rough Sketch Ver.” soundtrack for Etrian Odyssey V by composer Yuzo Koshiro. Additionally, it’ll also include an original booklet by illustrator Yuji Himukai.


Etrian Odyssey V: End of the Long Myth will release in Japan on August 4, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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