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Etrian Odyssey V Shares Details On Its New Races, Classes, And More



We previously reported on the release date for Etrian Odyssey V: End of the Long Myth, and this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine provides us with more information on the game. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Etrian Odyssey V takes place in the new continent of “Arcadia,” featuring character designs Yuji Himukai.


Here are the four races of Arcadia:

  • Earthrun (Human-type)
  • Lunaria (Elf-type)
  • Therian (Beast Ears)
  • Bronie (Dwarf-like)


Followed by 10 classes and their corresponding races:

  • Fencer (Arslan)
  • Dragoon (Arslan)
  • Cestus (Arslan)
  • Reaper (Arslan)
  • Necromancer (Lunaria)
  • Warlock (Lunaria)
  • Herbalist (Branii)
  • Shaman (Branii)
  • Masurao (Celian)
  • Hound (Celian)


The character creation will have more detailed coloring, along with an odd-eye feature that lets you choose different-colored eyes.


Here’s a list of the voice cast for the custom voices of the character creation: Shouta Aoi/Satomi Arai/Akira Ishida/Toru Okawa/Ayaka Ohashi/Yoshihisa Kawahara/Misaki Kuno/Mitsuki Saiga/Takuya Satou/Asami Seto/Atsuko Tanaka/Kosuke Toriumi/Joji Nakata/Kaori Nazuka/Natsuki Hanae/Saori Hayami/Megumi Han/Yoko Hikasa/Rina Hidaka/Yui Horie/Ayumu Murase/Tsubasa Yonaga


And finally, some highlights from director Shigeo Komori:

  • The starting concept for the game is to have a high degree of freedom for character create and dungeon exploring that is filled with adventurous spirit, with tough battles and character raising.


  • With new races being introduced, it’ll be possible to make a new and refreshing character create.


  • It’ll also have a bunch of new voices, and will be possible to play with no voicing, should you choose to do so.


  • The Hound class is named after the pets they’re able to use.


  • The dungeon exploration’s table talk RPG-like features have been enhanced.


  • The bottom-screen map, its icons, and controls have also been improved.


  • Etrian Odyssey III and IV’s sub-classes and Grimoires from Etrian Odyssey Untold made it easier to create parties. Similar to the first Etrian Odyssey game, each class of Etrian Odyssey V will be strict in its roles and it’ll be difficult to make balanced parties.


Etrian Odyssey V: End of the Long Myth will release in Japan on August 4, 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

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