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Etrian Odyssey X Trailer Highlights The Protector, Ronin, Medic, Survivalist Classes



With Etrian Odyssey X being a “complete crossover title” we can expect to see all kinds of classes to try out. Atlus shared a new trailer that highlights the Protector, Ronin, Medic, and Survivalist.


First is the Protector (Paladin in Japanese), the holy knights that sacrifice their own bodies to protect allies. They’re a must-have class while exploring the labyrinth with skills that not only reduce damage the row takes but also have the ability to cover and take attacks for other party members.


The Ronin (Bushido in Japanese) are frontline damage-dealers capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. The Ronin are virtuous masters of the Katana, and believe that life and death are of the same leaf, and therefore sacrifice all forms of self-defense in favor of powerful melee capabilities.


Medics are the party’s primary healers. While they don’t have much in terms of attacking capabilities, they’re second to none when it comes to healing and reviving party members.


Lastly, we have the Survivalist (Ranger in Japanese), the back row attacker and expert at forest survival. With quick hands and wits, Survivalists specialize in bow abilities that can one-shot-kill enemies with deadly precision.


Etrian Odyssey X releases in Japan on August 2, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS. In case you missed it, Atlus recently revealed that the game will come with all class illustrations from past games as free DLC for a month after they come out.

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