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Etrian Odyssey X’s New Hero Class Trailer Shows Off Its Unique Abilities



Etrian Odyssey X is expected to be a culmination of the entire series thus far and with it comes a brand-new Hero class with some unique abilities. Atlus shared a new trailer to give us a demonstration.


The Hero class is described as a warrior wielding a sword and shield who never gives up even in dire situations. The Hero class has a unique passive ability that gives them a chance to bring out an “Afterimage” after performing a skill. An Afterimage will use the exact same attack skill that was used to bring it out on the following turn.


The first skill we see is “Mirage Sword” which hits a single target with a ranged slash attack. This skill has higher chances of bringing out an Afterimage. The next one is called “Regiment Rave” which performs a mixed element attack plus added damage depending on the total damage given by your party this turn.


“Brave Heart” is a Force Boost that gives the Hero class character a massive boost in Afterimage appearance rate and attack power for the next three turns. Lastly, we have the Force Break called “Miracle Edge” that hits all enemies with a close-ranged slash attack while recovering HP for party members beyond their maximum health.


You can check out more on the new Hero class with screenshots and details in our previous report along with a look at key NPCs you’ll meet and bonus character class illustrations that come with first-print copies.


Etrian Odyssey X releases in Japan on August 2, 2018 for Nintendo 3DS.

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