Evade Huge Monsters In A Game About Wingsuit Diving Through Alien Planets


If you enjoyed Downwell then it might also be worth checking out Planet Diver. It’s a game about wingsuit diving through dangerous alien planets for kicks.


You play as a daredevil who travels with her robot companion Buddy across space to find the most dangerous planets out there and, yep, dive through them. On the way down, you’ll need to help her evade the flora and fauna, including big boss fights and finding hidden secrets.


The other pursuit is collecting “star stuff” to buy upgrades. These upgrades include new outfits and special abilities, as well as travelling to more distant planets, discovering whatever huge monstrosity lies in wait for her there.


Planet Diver has online leaderboards, a three-planet campaign mode, and an endless arcade mode. You can purchase it on Steam for Windows and Mac, as well as the App Store for iOS, and Google Play for Android.

Chris Priestman