Evangelion Angel Socks Make First Impact a Foot Impact

Evangelion Angel Socks

Another day, another oddly charming bit of Neon Genesis Evangelion-themed merchandise. If you’re not in the mood for art, music or flying, consider today’s entry. It’s a set of Evangelion Angel socks courtesy of fashion brand tutuanna. If you’ve ever wanted to finally take that step towards ending the accursed era of human individuality and fallibility, these are things you want wear as you put the foot down.

The limited-edition socks come in a variety of patterns evoking the aesthetic of the series, but for my Yen the winners are the Evangelion angel socks made for ladies. Called “Yurushito” (“Laid-back Angel”), the socks are well-suited to be worn with sneakers and carefully embroidered with cutesy cartoon renditions of the Angels Sachiel and Zeruel. They come in Purple, Red, Pink, and Saxe Blue to evoke the color schemes of the Eva pilots. More conventional white, gray, and navy options are available, too.

The Evangelion See-Through Logo Socks are also quite striking, the way they have a little mesh “window” to show an “EVA” logo, but at a distance they just look like you’re wearing torn socks.

Fans of wearing their fandom on their footwear can check out the Evangelion angel socks at this product page. The socks will only be sold through tutuanna’s online store. Through July 28th, contests will be held to give away complete sets of all the socks.

Josh Tolentino
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