Evangelion Collaboration Tile Mate Trackers Are Now Available

Evangelion Tile Mate

A new series of Evangelion collaboration Tile Mate trackers are now available for purchase in Japan. It is the first time the company has collaborated with an anime series. They come in four different varieties featuring the four main pilots, Eva Unit 01 and the NERV logo. Each Tile Mate will cost ¥2880 (about $25) and is currently available via the Seven Net Shopping store and official Evangelion store in Japan. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The Tile Mates feature Evangelion pilots in two varieties. One is with Shinji and Kaworu, while the other features Asuka and Rei. Each pilot is listed alongside the Eva model they pilot in the series. Another Tile Mate features the iconic Eva Unit 01 with a similar color scheme. Finally, there is also a Tile Mate with the NERV logo with the “Interlocking” warning label in both Japanese and English.

Tile Mates are small, 1 inch sized tracking devices that can be used to find lost items. If the Tile Mate is within 60 meters, you can track it down and even set off an alarm using the Tile App. Even if you aren’t within range, the Tile community can also help you track down missing items from afar. As part of the Tile Mate Book series, this is the first time the company has collaborated with an anime series.

You can get a better look at the Evangelion Tile Mate designs below:

In other collaboration news, White Cat Project also recently announced a collaboration with Evangelion and added all of the main pilots as playable characters.

The Evangelion Tile Mates are immediately available for purchase in Japan, and cost ¥2880 (about $25). You can purchase them through the Seven Net Shopping website, as well as the official Evangelion merch store.

Andrew Kiya
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