Evangelion Merchandise Will Be Sold at Shin Kamen Rider Pop-up Shop

Shin Kamen Rider x Evangelion pop-up shop

To celebrate the release of the new Shin Kamen Rider movie, and continuing with the franchise crossover collaboration, a new Shin Kamen Rider x Evangelion pop-up shop will open in select Marui stores throughout Japan. The cities that will receive these pop-up shops include Tokyo, Hakata, and Osaka. Merchandise of beloved Evangelion characters doing iconic Kamen Rider poses and holding plushies based on Kamen Rider characters will be offered on sale.

The locations available for the Shin Kamen Rider x Evangelion pop-up shop include the Yurakucho Marui and Shinjuku Marui stores, both located in Tokyo, and will remain open from March 17 to April 2, 2023. The Hakata Marui store will appear throughout April 8-23, 2023. Meanwhile, the Namba Marui store is located in Osaka, and its pop-up shop will appear from April 29 to May 21, 2023.

Some of the merchandise available in the Shin Kamen Rider x Evangelion pop-up shop includes character acrylic stands, pin badges, keychains, tote bags, T-shirts, mugs, stickers, cushions, and confectionery items. You can check out some of the goods sold in the gallery below.

The Shin Kamen Rider x Evangelion Marui pop-up shops will appear in Tokyo between March 17, 2023 to April 2, 2023; in Hakata throughout April 8-23, 2023; and in Osaka from April 29, 2023 and until May 21, 2023.

Daniel Bueno
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