Evangelion Rei Ayanami Red Rouge Makeup Figure and PLAMAX Model Shown

Evangelion Rei Ayanami Makeup Figure, PLAMAX Model Shown

There was both an Evangelion Rei Ayanami figure announcement and a model kit reveal at WonHobby 36. Good Smile Company showed off prototypes of both. The figure is of Rei Ayanami back when she was used as a model for the Kate Tokyo makeup commercial for a new lipstick. The model is a part of a continuing line of Evangelion heroines in their plugsuits.

First, here’s the Rei Ayanami ~Red Rouge~ figure prototype. It’s already showing up painted, which could mean pre-orders for it may appear soon. She’s wearing a casual outfit, as well as the red lipstick from the ad.

To compare, here’s how Rei Ayanami looked in the Kate Evangelion makeup commercial for new lipstick.

Next, here’s the Rei Ayanami unpainted model prototype. In the background, ones of Mari Illustrious Makinami and Asuka Shikinami Langley also appear.

Not long ago, Good Smile Company opened pre-orders for both the standard and Sculptor’s White versions of that Mari Illustrious Makinami PLAMAX model.

There’s no release date yet for the figure or model kit. The Rebuild of Evangelion films are available to watch on Amazon.

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