Evangelion Test Type-01 Night Battle Figure Will Come in Limited Numbers

Evangelion Test Type-01 Night Battle limited statue

Prime1Studio has opened pre-orders for a statue based on Shinji Ikari’s Evangelion unit. The Evangelion Test Type-01 Night Battle Version figure will re-enact Shinji’s first battle in Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, where he fought against the enemy angel Sachiel. The studio will only produce a limited number of units for this statue.

The non-scale statue will have an approximate height of 67.5 cm or almost 27 inches. Although the body parts are immovable, the owner will be able to swap its head between the regular and opened-mouth versions. The eyes in both heads can illuminate with LED. Other parts of the statue will have fluorescent green paint that can shine even in the dark.

Prime1Studio has also published a 360-degree rotation video where prospective buyers can see the statue from all directions:

The studio accepts orders for the statue globally. The $1,499 statue is available for purchase with multiple installment options via PayPal. The buyer will first make a reservation deposit of $149.90, and the studio will charge the final installment when it is ready to ship the statue. Prime1Studio will only produce 500 units and close the order page when it has reached the limit.

The Evangelion Test Type-01 Night Battle Version figure will be available between September and November 2022. The Rebuild of Evangelion movie series concluded when the fourth title, Evangelion 3.0+1.0: Thrice Upon A Time, aired in 2021.

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