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Even Sephiroth Would Be Jealous Of This Shining Resonance Dragon Slayer’s Sword



Shining Resonance protagonist Yuma has the ability to turn into a dragon, and it seems like just about everyone is out to either kill or capture dragons. The latest character is a dragon slayer who acts on his own, but might be the most dangerous, yet. 4Gamer shows us more.


Jenius Aion:



The protagonist Yuma will face a swordsman named Genus, who possesses a sword that is tinged with the powers of god, and said to have cut down a legendary dragon in one slice.



Jenius does not belong to any group in particular, but he’s known as a superior dragon slayer who goes around looking to hunt down dragons. However, we still don’t know whether he’s friend or foe, or his reasons for going after dragons.


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Since the imperial army uses dragons, they consider Jenius a threat, as he hunts them down, and they remain cautious of his actions. His fate is connected with Yuma, and he’ll play a crucial role in the story as well.


009The city of  Malga is the base of operations for Yuma and friends, and is the capital city of the Astorian Kingdom. It is considered the center of the world, where they even say that gods dwell on its lands.


Astoria Kingdom was founded by humans after the “Great Dragon God War”. It is currently ruled by Sonia’s fatrher, King Albert.


King Albert:

012King Albert is Sonia’s father, and is also the king that rules the kingdom of Astoria. He’s a bright individual who deeply cares for his citizens, and is also well-trusted by them in return. Sonia has nothing but respect and admiration for her great father.


He was once a well-known dragoner, but got injured in a fight, and hasn’t fought in the frontline since then. He knows about Yuma’s dragon powers, and sent Sonia to help him out as a way to gain a new ally.


Captain Burroughs:

011 Burroughs is a courageous warrior who leads the knights of Astoria. He’s considered King Albert’s right hand man with a long military recoord, and continues fighting against the empire to protect the people of Astoria.


He’s also Sonia’s mentor who taught her how to use the sword. He has feelings of impatience towards Yuma, who refused cooperation with Astoria.


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Shining Resonance will release in Japan on December 11, 2014 for PlayStation 3.

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