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Even Teddie Can Look Stylish In These Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Clothes



The LHP fashion shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, can usually be seen showing off the latest trendy clothing. For the next few days, they’ll feature a bunch of Teddies and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax themed apparel as part of their latest collaboration. Dengeki shows us more.


p4u2XLHP_002_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_003_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_004_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_005_cs1w1_720x540

 p4u2XLHP_006_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_007_cs1w1_720x540

The above is a look at some Yu Narukami and Teddie T-shirts that go for 6,000 yen ($58.50). Might sound pretty expensive, but that’s probably normal at the shop that sells all kinds of designer clothing.


p4u2XLHP_008_cs1w1_540x720 p4u2XLHP_009_cs1w1_540x720

p4u2XLHP_010_cs1w1_540x720 p4u2XLHP_011_cs1w1_540x720

The hoodie featuring either Yu or Teddie also looks pretty sweet, with the design pattern of input commands on both sleeves. This one would set you back 8,800 yen ($85.81).


p4u2XLHP_012_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_013_cs1w1_720x540

p4u2XLHP_014_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_015_cs1w1_720x540

p4u2XLHP_016_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_017_cs1w1_720x540

There are also six different Persona-themed bags. The top blue one is based off Persona 3, followed by Persona 4 Golden in gray, and Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on the bottom in purple. The backpacks go for 8,800 yen ($85.81) and the mini-Boston bags cost 6,800 yen ($66.32).


p4u2XLHP_018_cs1w1_540x720 p4u2XLHP_019_cs1w1_540x720

These plushes aren’t exactly Monokumas, but they’re mono-toned Teddie plushes! They go for 4,800 yen ($46.80) each.



The eyeglass case is a bit more on the affordable side at 1,500 yen ($14.62). Wouldn’t they go pretty sweet with a pair of Persona 4-themed glasses?


p4u2XLHP_021_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_022_cs1w1_720x540

Yu can’t go wrong with these for breakfast. The glass goes for 800 yen ($7.80) and the mugs for 1,200 yen ($11.70).


And finally, here are a few more miscellaneous items:


p4u2XLHP_023_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_024_cs1w1_720x540

p4u2XLHP_025_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_026_cs1w1_720x540

Watches (in black, blue, or white) for 2,800 yen ($27.30); iPhone case for 2,500 yen ($24.38); Yu Narukami illustration board for 4,800 yen ($46.80); and some smartphone speakers for 3,800 yen ($37.05).


p4u2XLHP_027_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_028_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_029_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_031_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_032_cs1w1_720x540 p4u2XLHP_030_cs1w1_540x720

The store even has Teddie that appears a few times per day, but they say you have to be lucky to catch him when he’s out there. They also seem to be selling all kinds of other Persona-related items as well.


Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is slated for release on September 30, 2014 in North America for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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