‘Even Weirder Science’ Maxes Out Your Potions in Final Fantasy XVI 16
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‘Even Weirder Science’ Maxes Out Your Potions in Final Fantasy XVI

While the “Weird Science” sidequest in Final Fantasy XVI involved finding a Notorious Mark, “Even Weirder Science is much easier. Yes, it does involve going to get three Spherical Echo key items from three locations around the world. Sure, that means fighting groups of Fallen enemies three times. However, they’re easy to see for each occurrence. Also, there’s the added bonus of this sidequest completely maxing out how many potions you can carry in FInal Fantasy XVI.

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How does “Even Weirder Science” in Final Fantasy XVI go?

It is time to help the engineer named Owain again. You’ll find him at the hideaway with a quest indicator over his head. Speak to him and he’ll explain how he needs three Spherical Echoes from Fallen areas to use for his next creation. This means you need to fetch the items from three spots for him.

Now, to make things easier, here are the screenshots I took of the maps that show where the Advent, Lostplume, and Silent Sough Spherical Echoes are that you need in Final Fantasy XVI‘s “Even Weirder Science.” The Lostplume one is at the Imperial Province of Rosaria on the southern part of the two paths at that fork. You’ll find level 36 enemies like a Woken Guardian there. The Advent key item is at the Holy Empire of Sanbreque map, at the western-most part. The one at Silent Sough is at the southmost point of that Dhalmekian Republic spot. Be ready to fight foes like a Woken Hunter there. Lots of Fallen foes like Woken Bugs are there. A quest indicator will appear at each location, so it’s easy to see them.

Once you have all three items, return to Owain at the hideaway. He’ll use it for the Telamon furnace. As a reward, you get 4,800 EXP, 50 renown, an Expanded Potion Satchel, and a Goblin Coin. It’s the satchel that maxes out how many potions you can carry in Final Fantasy XVI. Once acquired, you can hold 8 Potions, 5 High Potions, 4 Strength Tonics, and 4 Stoneskin Tonics.

Final Fantasy XVI is available for the PlayStation 5. A demo is out now as well. There is a six-month exclusivity period.

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