Ever Oasis Developer Grezzo Is Recruiting Staff To Make A Legend Together


ever oasis screenshot 1b

Grezzo, the developer behind Ever Oasis and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask on 3DS, is recruiting staff to join them on “making a  legend together.”


In order to expand on the project they’re working on, Grezzo is recruiting programmers and designers to join the team. Programmers will work using various development tools with work on 3D models, C++, shaders, middleware inspection and introduction, and development on all sorts of tools. Grezzo is looking for someone with game programming experience, experience on CG programming, and interest in game development. It isn’t necessary but a plus for those with experience in Unity, Unreal Engine, and C#.


The designer roles that are in demand are 3D character modelers, 3D map modelers, and effect designers. 3D character modelers will be in charge of working on characters (main characters, enemies, NPC, etc.) and will be required to have experience in 3D game character production and DCC tools (MAYA, Zbrush, Photoshop, etc.)


3D map modelers will be in charge of the game’s backgrounds, including topography, objectives, and collision detection. This position also requires experience with DCC tools (MAYA, photoshop, etc.)


Lastly, effect designers will be in charge of effects for the game (for battles, event scenes, etc.) This position requires experience with DCC tools (MAYA, Photoshop, Effect Tool, etc.)


Those of you interested can check out more at Grezzo’s official website.

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