Ever Oasis Makes You Feel Like Part Of A Community

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There are many games with towns that seem open and welcoming. We often see worlds where we interact with neighbors, influence the growth of a town, and become a pillar. But with Ever Oasis, it feels like there are so many more connections. We’re constantly seeing our Seedling, the chief of the last oasis, interact with people in the world and make a difference, and it’s always a delight to see the benefits of such activities.


In Ever Oasis, making a difference can be as simple as listening. The people who frequent and visit your oasis are always giving you opportunities to connect. If it is an entirely new visitor, then he or she will offer a small sidequest that will make it possible for him or her to live there. It is typically some sort of fetch quest that requires you to provide some items you might already have, thanks to excursions into deserts and dungeons, crafting, or gardening. But sometimes, it is gossip that can lead to a new person visiting your oasis.


jTMvZuvbymn3bzcbMMplKqfgomJwExxI Getting this gossip is so satisfying. Even though it is a mechanic that is more or less automatic, it can make you feel like you matter to the people in Ever Oasis. They know and trust you enough to pass along this information about new settlers. They want you to know about people who might be around, because they trust you to make a difference in their lives. I can’t help but think of how sweet it seems, which is helped by character design that makes everyone absolutely adorable.


Ever Oasis encourages you to be a busybody and good landlord. You want shops to always be fully stocked; a white “X” means your oasis isn’t making money and your citizens are unhappy. Staying on top of things means always popping into their shops and making sure their items are full. You want to collect rent the moment is available, so you can reinvest that money back into equipment for party members, seeds for the farm, and new Bloom Booths and decorations. Especially since staying on top of things rewards you with Rainbow Protection. Venturing out into the dungeon, even after you have a few levels under your belt, is an unpleasant prospect without that extra HP the Rainbow Protection from happy residents provides.



But the thing I like most is that anyone who isn’t a Noot can come along on your adventures. Again, it makes your Seedling feel that important. Because you matter so much and everyone knows and respects you, they are willing to come along for the ride. They are willing to be in your company, even in dangerous areas, because you are one of them. It feels like it lends more weight to the idea of everyone in the oasis being import and equal, since the community all comes together when it is time to head out into the world to make things better or fight against the Chaos.


It is like Ever Oasis is constantly emphasizing how important you are and the value of connecting with the community. Talking with people rewards you with new villagers and valuable information about your world. Keeping up with your shop owners means Rainbow Protection that helps you survive in the outside world. And, most importantly, everyone trusts you enough to travel with you. Ever Oasis is a game about community, and it makes sure you feel have an opportunity to connect to everyone who lives in your oasis.


Ever Oasis is available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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